Those of our products that carry the sunflower label are vegan. This means that the products do not contain animal constituents and that no animals have been used in the production and development process.

AA (Allergy Certified)

Allergy Certified is an international certification organization but founded in Denmark. In order for a product to receive this label, a toxicologist from Allergy Certified has carefully reviewed every single ingredient in the product and made a risk assessment. Therefore, this label is your guarantee that you choose a product with minimal risk of allergies.

Dermatologically tested

Dermatologically tested products achieve this certification by having undergone a series of tests that ensure that the products do not cause skin irritations or other reactions. The test are performed on humans, and is therefore not “just” a technical test. The result of the test must be publicly available to the consumer – eg on a website.

Ecocert Cosmos

Nordic Swan Ecolabel

When a product bears the Nordic Ecolabel, you can be sure that it is produced with as low an environmental impact as possible. This means that it is an environmentally certified product that is manufactured, so it puts the least strain on the earth’s resources, our environment and your skin. In order to achieve this labeling, the relevant product – including both contents and packaging – must meet established criteria in connection with manufacture, use and waste management.

AC (Asthma Allergy )

Asthma Allergy Nordic (also known as Asthma-Allergy Denmark and The Blue Wreath) ensures that the product takes good care of your skin. The contents of the product are checked by a trained toxicologist, and therefore it is ensured that the product has been thoroughly evaluated and is always free of perfume and other ingredients that are known to have a particular allergy risk.