Makeup is a whole line in itself. You need to decide on packaging, markings, design, product, scent/taste.
The possibilities are many and we guide you through the obstacles, possibilities and last but not least, the path.

We are able to deliver all forms of private label makeup
Ecological articles, natural articles, mineral articles and makeup articles, which are ECO certified and/or other claims.
Naturally, we also produce make-up with no claims at all – only the sky is the limit.

Raw materials:
We are up to date and well represented within all genders of raw materials from all over the world. The products are all certified and each product is tested regularly. Legal tests are also made, which is mandatory for the final product.

We are very well represented in this category and have packaging from all parts of the world in our assortment, both in large and small quantities, in all shapes and colors as well as in almost all materials. We have great knowledge in labelling techniques both directly on the packaging as well as on labels.

We are able to deliver standardized packaging as well as specially designed packaging. Hot stamp, soft touch, marking and silk print are just some of the things you are able to chose for your packaging.

Whether you want scent or taste or none, we are able to help – the possibilities are many