Whether you want scents or not, we can help – the possibilities are many:

  • Perfumes – synthetic
  • Allergen free perfumes – synthetic
  • Etheric/essential oils – 100% pure extract with aroma therapeutic effects.
  • Floral Waters gives the purest and finest scent extract. Gives a vague scent and is e.g. distilled on rose petals.

The extracts used in perfume are primarily derived from plants, but with time a lot of the natural scents are produced synthetically. Around 2500 different are used and a perfume can consist of a mixture of up to 300 single scents.
The composition of scents most often consist of a top note, a middle note and a bottom note. The top note evaporates relatively quickly and therefore leaves room for the little longer lasting middle note, which then again is substituted by the bottom note which is more lasting in its scent due to the added fixative.
The word perfume comes from French parfum, per- and fumus which is Latin and translates to “smoke”

From the 1900’s the fashion houses and a few fashion designers started launching their own perfumes and perfumery. Most famous is Coco Chanel´s “No. 5”, which was launched on May 5th, 1921.
Ernest Beaux created 10 scents for Coco Chanel and of all of them, she chose no. 5 – thus the name “No. 5” – the most selling scent in the 20th and 21st century, among others worn by Marilyn Monroe who said the famous words after having been asked: “What do you sleep in at night?”, her reply was “Chanel No. 5”.